Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Byron's Potato Filling

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Another of our classic family recipes is Byron’s Potato Filling. Only the Pennsylvania Dutch would combine potatoes and bread in this fashion and as the saying goes “They know what good is”. This recipe serves 10 so it is perfect for feeding all the family at the holidays. Leftovers, freeze well and are used to make a turkey casserole to eat in the dead of winter allowing us to taste the flavors of the holidays again. During one of Dad’s election campaigns this recipe was used on the back of his campaign card and even voters from the opposing party were asking for his card!
½ pound butter
½ loaf white bread, cubed
½ bunch celery, diced
3 large onions, sliced
12 large potatoes, boiled
2 C milk
4 eggs
1 T salt
½ c fresh parsley, minced

Melt ¼ pound of butter, each, in two frying pans. In one pan, brown the bread cubes until they are crisped, In the other, stir fry the celery and onions until softened and translucent. Mash the potatoes, gradually adding the milk, eggs, salt and parsley. Fold in the cooked celery, onions and browned bread cubes. Pour into one large ovenware dish or two small ones and bake for ½ hour or until the bird is carved.

While The Rosemary House was begun by Bertha Reppert, this family enterprise has always included all the family members. One of Byron Reppert (Dad's) main jobs for 30+ years was as the book keeper for the business. He kept all the records, kept us out of jail (by doing all the government paperwork efficiently and on time), and did the banking. The “King” was always happy in the counting house. We have always kept a Jalap root (Ipomoea jalapa ) in the cash drawer since the root is known to increase money, love, and success. Scott Cunningham in his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs says to anoint the root with mint essential oil and tie in a green sachet to attract money. So we do this occasionally with a “can’t hurt ~~might help” philosophy. One particularly busy December my dad took a large minty smelling deposit to the bank and the middle aged matronly teller announced loudly to the crowded lobby “Oh, Mr Reppert, You always make my drawers smell so nice…”

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Sounds yummy. Sure the brown butter adds a touch to the PA Dutch recipe, too. - JP