Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas flowers

Monday was our garden club's annual Community projects benefit. Penn Cumberland Garden Club hosts a luncheon featuring a talented flower arranger. They also sell lots of fresh cut and conditioned greens, baked goods and other ways and means. It has turned into a not to be missed event. The speaker this year was Michael O'Neill of Foxboro, PA. Here is a small sampling of his arrangements.

The candle sticks have an orange with another half an orange on top. The 24 inch candles are put through the oranges and then the fresh greens were poked into the top half orange which keeps them moist and looking fresh through the event. It smells wonderful also.

The simple tartan plaid arrangement is a clear glass cylinder container lined on the inside with fabric. Clever!

The ornament arrangement was made with 45 carnations (!) tucked into an oasis ball. The top of the ornament is a gold spray can lid with a pipe cleaner hook.

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