Monday, November 12, 2007

Saffron crocus

On such a lovely fall day, I spotted the Saffron Crocus beginning to leaf out. A little later into the fall they will bloom and then we can harvest the precious seasoning.
Saffron, Crocus sativus, is a fall blooming crocus bulbs. If you can grow regular spring crocus then you can grow Saffron. Considered the World's most costliest spice Saffron is certainly worthy of a little corner in your herb bed. Under the ground more than it is above, Saffron is always a surprise to spot in the garden. In the spring the leaves come up in a "grass like" manner and then in the fall the leaves again pop up along with the purple saffron blooms. It is the orange thread like stamens that are harvested to cook with. Saffron is used to flavor rice, pot pie, chicken. Many folks feel it only colors the rice so often Safflower is used in cooking as a substitute for saffron. While the flavor of saffron is delicate is does enhance your meal with both color and flavor so accept no substitutes! A plant of the bible Saffron is in the Song of Solomon and one of the dye plants for a coat of many colors. Easy to grow and fun to have. If you are looking to add some saffron bulbs to your garden or are in need of some saffron seasoning. We know a herb shop in downtown Mechanicsburg, PA that can help you out.......

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Steph said...

That's fantastic! I knew that saffron came from crocus - but I didn't know that it was a fall-blooming plant. Thank you for the great info!