Friday, November 16, 2007

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are an integral part of hosting an afternoon tea. Although the traditional chicken salad or cucumber sandwich might be considered staples, why not serve something a little different. I love to come up with a variety of sandwiches, the filling or the bread can be unique and prove interesting. This individual sandwich plate was recently served at one of our special events. It represents only a portion of the tea party dainties that were served that day, of course there were oven fresh scones and a variety of desserts also. This plate of sandwiches included a basic ham salad served in a crisp phyllo cup, a Swiss cheese apple melt on crostini, a cranberry maple spread on white bread, an asparagus finger sandwich with egg yolk butter (a Martha Stewart recipe), and a shredded cucumber round with a burnet leaf garnish (in the herb garden, burnet mimics the taste of cucumber). The Swiss cheese melt and the cranberry maple spread are recipes from Pat Hartman of Civil-La-Tea, a Gettysburg tea room that has since closed but continues to sell teas and cookbooks on line. I've enjoyed making and serving the recipes from both of her cookbooks. Personally, I utilize a wide variety of sources for tea sandwich ideas including magazines, the Internet, and other tea room cookbooks that all inspire the next plate of sandwiches.

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*me* said...

Nancy, what a lovely assortment of tea sandwiches! It is visually so appealing. I enjoyed the link you provided as well.