Thursday, November 8, 2007

Floral Arranging Workshop

Last evening we held a special event at the tea room. Treasure Maker Artist Marj. Reppert of Rosemary Remembrances II- Jim Thorpe, Pa presented a Flower Arranging Workshop sponsored through The Rosemary House held at Sweet Remembrances Tea Room on Wednesday November 7th. Marj. a working professional florist during her Kutztown college days shared many florist secrets to help any beginning or advanced floral arranger create fun arrangements for the upcoming holiday season.
Here are a few of her floral tips:
Make sure the flowers and greens you start with are fresh. Generally if the flowers are upright, firm to the touch and the buds are tight, they are fresh.
…..Most cut flowers should last 4 to 7 days.
…..If you are using floral foam, add water daily
. (Or try a floral Frog instead of foam)
…..Add flower ‘food’ preservation solution, you can purchase this at any floral store. If not available just crush an aspirin into the floral water. (Add sugar for C-mas trees)
….Flowers prefer a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees) keeping them away from direct light helps too. Keeping them away from radiators and the tops of televisions is a must also.
….When arranging your greens, pull off all leaves that will be under water
(Dead leaves promote bacteria growth and will shorten the life of your arrangement)
….Cut all stems under water if possible- for sure with a sharp knife and on a slant
.....When arranging, do not worry about rules, if you like the arrangement= it is fine
(However, follow rules for judged flower shows!)
…the best tip: When looking through magazines, clip out and save any flower arranging photos or tips.. tossing them into a file folder or notebook that you can refer to at the drop-of-a-hat for inspiration. Every seasonal magazine has tips or just a great picture or two to reference.
….Have no fear and have fun….”Take time to smell the flowers

Lastly… You can purchase some flower arranging supplies, equipment, vases, and mechanics along with once loved floral arranging reference books in The Rosemary House or in their workshop barns located directly behind The Rosemary House during their open hours. Call for hours: (717)697-5111

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