Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ginger root

This is a piece of ginger root which you can easily grow at home as a houseplant. I find that it starts best if laid on a pot of soil, watered and then put in the dark (like in a cellarway or in a brown paper bag). It takes about three weeks for your ginger root to sprout out but then it will grow into a lovely houseplant and you will be able to harvest a piece of the root here and there for some freshly grated ginger.

Medicinally, ginger is terrific for nausea and our sister swears by it for motion sickness. She takes two capsules of powdered ginger an hour before the trip, one capsule halfway through the ride and one at the end of the trip.


Marilyn Miller, the Marmalady said...

Now I keep ginger root in my refrigerator for cooking. My husband loves it. But I hadn't thought about growing it. Thanks!

Steph said...

I've never thought of growing it. Cool! And I'm glad to hear of the ginger for nausea. I've taken the capsules, but I now see it wasn't in the right amount. thank you!