Friday, October 3, 2008

We've been adopted!

One Saturday afternoon, I ventured out to our gazebo to gather this large blue teacup to wash it, when lo and behold, paws were poking out from under the tablecloth. This pair of kittens was nestled under the table, oblivious to the world about them. And we were oblivious to their existence for several weeks.

We have, of course, started to feed them, cuddle them, pet them, and otherwise adore them, to the point that they have now become 'our' kittens. They have free roam of the gardens, and have learned where to access the cat food. They scamper, chase their tails, climb up the dogwood tree, snooze together, catch flying insects and provide entertainment.

They had a great time with this ball of yarn;

Just wait until we introduce them to fresh catnip!


lemonverbenalady said...

I was adopted once before so I know how special that experience is and I think these kittens are on to something very special! Congratulations on the adoption!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adopting these adorable kitties. My own Chloe and Rudy are adopted, and are the sweetest friends.