Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tea Cup Planter

This little sweetie was discovered during a recent adventure to Jim Thorpe, PA. The oversized tea cup planter is tucked underneath a spring fountain. When our sister first moved to Jim Thorpe, this fountain was a source for pure spring water. We would lug empty bottles to this faucet to fill them up. Alas, it has since dried up, and the drain has been replaced with this pretty floral display. A tea cup would catch my eye and tickle my fancy!


Steph said...

Very pretty! I have a striped one just like it.

Anonymous said...

This cutie would wake up any garden, that's for sure!
Kathy L Ignacio, Co

La Tea Dah said...

Cute as can be, especially under that spring fountain!


Thaleia said...

Too funny! I have a jumbo tea cup and saucer I plan on planting in my garden next year. Right now it's in the living room driving my hubby nuts.