Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

A year of birthdays can produce a wide variety of cakes to celebrate the special occasion. The little girl's cake is a representation of the Jingle Gypsy that helped make the birthday special that year. There was twirling and dancing galore that day.
Monster Trucks played a part in the celebration this year. Using a toy monster truck to guide the creative process, the end result was this edible Monster Truck, complete with chocolate glazed crullers for giant wheels.

This birthday boy likes to plan ahead, I guess for my personal benefit providing ample time for cake design. Although he celebrates his natal day in June, usually he will announce my challenge for the cake sometime in January, preceded by the statement 'this is really hard'. He requested a castle cake for this celebration. Last year we had a life size lacrosse stick that amazed even the birthday boy.

Birthday celebrations are fun around here. Cake creations abound.


Linda J. said...

Wow! Lucky children to have a creative cake baker/designer in the family!!

Marilyn Miller said...

How fun for you! Having kid's that enjoy your creations is very special.

comfrey cottages said...

so very cool! what good memories you are making! thanks for sharing! hugs:)

Steph said...

you are very clever!