Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tea and Trinkets, MA

We had the delightful opportunity to visit Tea and Trinkets in Norton, MA several summers ago, before we began blogging, so today, we're taking a step back in time to revisit this fun afternoon, with a nod to the importance of keeping a tea journal! Every year we are invited to spend a week at our eldest sister and brother-in-law's beach house in Rhode Island. It has become a wonderful vacation tradition, reminiscent of the many summers we spent at Avalon, NJ when we were growing up ourselves. This summer vacation always includes a visit to an area tea room, with a gentle reminder to the kids that vacation is not just about them, but rather involves activities others enjoy also. They would much rather have Pirate's Dinner everyday where manners don't matter. Typically for any tea room visit, we review manners in the van before we descend upon a tea room. Every little bit helps in this ongoing attempt to keep manners alive.

Tea and Trinkets is a fun tea room, with a pretty Victorian look, small round tables, assorted chairs, lovely linens, silver, mismatched tea cups, and trinkets galore. Our menu included Cranberry Hazelnut Scones and Chocolate Ribbon Scones with Citrus Butter and Mock Clotted Cream. The Sandwich tray was served on a clam shell serving piece (collapsible to look like a clam shell, it opens to hold three serving plates) and included Chicken Apple Pecan Sandwiches, Cucumber Herb Sandwiches and Sun Dried Tomato and Bacon Sandwiches. The desserts included Boston Cream Pie, Key Lime Squares, and Lemon Verbena~Geranium Pound Cake. Everything was fresh and tasty, and generous portions too. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Thanks Valerie for creating such a memorable afternoon for our family.


Marilyn Miller said...

How lovely to have those family traditions and include tea too.

Linda J. said...

I enjoy hearing about friends visits to tea rooms almost as much as visiting one myself!

To Tea, or Not to Tea said...

Great review, and I especially appreciate your reference to "keeping manners alive" - something that seems to be dying out all around in the younger generation. Yes, every little bit does help!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Tea and Trinkets sounds like a place I would enjoy visiting! I love places like that!