Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Butterburr (Petasites) is another of the unique plants that sends out their flowers first and then their leaves. Petasites will send out flowers beginning in late February - even through frozen ground! Historically used against plague and pestilent fevers currently it is receiving a lot of attention for migraine headaches. This large robust plant creates a massive presence in the garden and prefers moist shade and will spread by rhizome. Don't let the photo of the early spring flowers fool you. The leaves can easily reach up to 30 inches across! Large enough to use as a head covering during a rain shower!

The leaves were often used to wrap freshly churned butter and that is were the name Butterburr came from. This plant is a cousin to the coltsfoot plant we covered yesterday. They look similar I suppose, except that butterburr is taking steroids.....

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