Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: For the Cook on Your List

Our #1 best selling product is our famous ROASTMARY BLEND. A perfectly blended mix of salt, garlic, pepper and of course rosemary that you can use on every thing from spaghetti sauce, venison, garlic bread, lamb, pork roast, vegetable soup, minestrone, chicken on the grill, steamed veggies, and on and on the list goes. We've had one customer tell us she uses it on everything except maybe brownies! This is a sure fire winner for all the cooks on your list and at only $4.00 for the small jar -- it is perfect for all your office gifts too!

The MAYOR'S MAGIC MUSTARD MIX is dear old dad's blend. This makes the most flavorful mustard you will have and it comes with recipes to make mustard butter and other mustard flavored blends. Transform a jar of plain generic mustard into a truly gourmet mustard. It is magic!

Years ago there was a dip called "Angel Dip" which we and our favorite Aunt Hilda (Hildegard Peplau) loved. We blended and tasted and tested and created this DIVINE DIP which is a flavorful blend of herbs with just a small amount of zip. It makes a great dip but recipes included with this package are for salad dressings, beef stroganoff and broccoli salad. Truly divine, and a tea room favorite!

Visit The Rosemary House on line or in person and discover our unique herbal blends and seasonings. There's the French Garlic Cheese Spread, The Seafood Party Dip, Gingerbread Cookies, Fiesta Dip (It's a party in your mouth!) and many many more.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special: Let us tie all three together for you as a charming hostess gift. Just mention blog special and a ribbon color in the comments section of the website order form, or mention this post while you're in the shop! We'll combine the three into a festive gift, ready for easy presentation for simply the price of the three herb blends and postage. Teacher gifts, hostess gifts, 'instead of tipping' gifts, these are perfect for many reasons!

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Time Traveling in Costume said...

I love the Roastmary Blend. Makes my seasoning easy, and it's delicious.