Thursday, November 19, 2009

Murder She Wrote

Another Cardew Design teapot, this is the 'Crime Writer's desk' by Paul Cardew. Three thousand teapots of this design were made between 1996 when it was first introduced and 1999 when it was retired. The details of this teapot are fun, complete with a wicker wastebasket that depicts crumpled manuscript pages. The lid to the wastebasket is removable. If you find this teapot for purchase, be certain the wastebasket is included. The picture is even dedicated 'To Paul, with love". The page on the typewriter is fun to read:
Murder at the Grange
Chapter l.: (Rosie Lee Arrives)
The maid came in bearing a tea tray covered with a crisp white cloth. "Tea is served, Miss" she said carefully placing it before Rosie Lee. "Scones, how lovely" Rosie said, eying the heaped plate greedily.


comfrey cottages said...

absolutely enchanting:) thank you for sharing herbal and honey hugs always

Marilyn Miller said...

I love your novelty teapots. I only have one, but do enjoy having it. It is a tea table.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

This is so cute, and I love knowing all the details on it. If I had more space, I'm sure I'd be adding more teapots to my collection.