Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mercado 23 -- Cancun's Local Market

Shopping, at the local open air market
Mercado 23 in downtown Cancun, Mexico, colorful, fresh and fragrant, away from the tourists, very interesting, buckets full of fresh herbs to purchase.Careful, don't walk on the oregano spread out on a tarp in the middle of the square to dry in the hot sun. This stand sold the medicinal herbs.
And at another stand, beans, grains, pastas, whatever you need including dog and cat chow in the two large sacks in the forefront of this picture.Turistas wandering around among the locals.
Did we stand out?


Linda J. said...

Always! *LOL*

Steph said...

Lovely colors and textures!

Marilyn said...

Oh yes you did stand out, but that's OK. I love walking through the market place with you.