Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tea cup Thursday

The last in the series of 'green' tea cups featured for the month of March is this duo combination
of cups. The pale green set on the left does not have any markings on it. The bright green set is marked Royal Sealy China, Japan on the saucer.Frequently, guests to the tea room ask where I got my collection of tea cups. The original collection, of which these two belong,was given to me by my mother the year I opened the tea room. She had collected tea cups over the years, amassed about 40 or so, but had since moved on to collecting other gorgeous pieces, so was glad to gift the tea cups to me in order to make additional space in her china cabinet. Many of her tea cups are used for display purposes rather than be put into service. I also inherited a collection of tea cups from an Aunt. My cousin was happy that I would be able to use her mother's tea cup collection. Over the years, friends have also given me tea cups. They just 'know' that they belong here! The collection grows. The one question I can't easily answer? How many tea cups do I have? Not really sure! And it's probably best I don't count them.

We're happy to join Miss Spenser and others today for tea cup Thursday.


Lady Linda said...

Oh my these are just beautiful Rosemary. You too are so blessed to have teacups passed down in your family.
Linda Lou

Marilyn said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the green teacups this month. It is funny how teacups amass. I always say I don't collect, but the teacups grow on their own. Love seeing your collection.

Angela McRae said...

What beautiful teacups! I have enjoyed seeing the green ones this month and have developed an even greater appreciation for them -- hopefully I'll be better at spotting some for my own collection. (Totally agree with you about NOT counting them, ha!)

Steph said...

Wow, those two look like they were made as a pair. I love the reverse of colors.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

That is beautiful...I have a plate your cup would go perfect with! ~Donna