Thursday, March 24, 2011

Teacup Thursday

Another Teacup Thursday and another green teacup. This sweet little tea cup is marked England, Old Royal Bone China on the bottom. Although it is a green teacup, the blue flowers are very predominant in the design of this cup.

The tea towel is a souvenir from a trip to Harrod's years back. The tea towel features an assortment of tea cup designs and styles. The tea towel features 'Stock Tea and Breakfast services. Any piece sold separately.' Many of the teacups are marked with just a stock number, but others feature names such as Limoges China, Dresden Decoration, or Coalport China.

Visit Miss Spenser's and others for a trip through blog-land for more fun teacup designs.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Pretty teacup...I have the tea towel as well...and love it too! Thanks for reminding where did I put that?

Lady Linda said...

Rosemary, I love the cup and saucer! Spring is here. My rosemary is blooming in my garden.
I like your tea towel too.
Happy Spring.

Linda J. said...

Pretty teacup! My tote bag matches your tea towel, roomie!

Marilyn said...

Another lovely teacup! Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us.