Friday, May 13, 2011

Horseradish Recipes

Every year during National Herb Week, we lead a hearing, seeing, tasting, touching tour of our backyard herb gardens followed by a few treats featuring the herb of the year (Horseradish for 2011) and a small craft. This year everyone made a small salt free seasoning to take home and had a chance to sample two tasty treats using horseradish. Zippy Horseradish Dip: Combine these ingredients: 1/4 C prepared horseradish, 1 C Sour cream, 1-4 oz can deviled ham, 3/4 C mayonnaise, 1/8 C onion flakes, 1/2 t dill, 1/2 t beau monde (or celery salt), 1 T parsley. Mix well. Spoon into a round loaf of Rye bread. Serve with cubed piece of bread and broccoli and carrot crudities. Jezebel Sauce: Combine these ingredients: 1-10 oz. jar apricot preserves, 1 10 oz. jar apple jelly, 2 oz. dry mustard powder 1-5 oz. jar prepared horseradish, 1 T pepper. Mix well. Serve over cream cheese with crackers. This sauce will keep in the refrigerator for months. Vary the amounts of the ingredients for a hotter or milder sauce.


Angela McRae said...

Am so impressed with all the special events you offer! And these recipes sound just delicious -- thanks for sharing them!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Your plants seem to be much farther ahead than hours! I saw a recipe that included horseradish in a cake...weird sounding for sure! I will send it to you if I can remember where I saw it.

Have a great weekend! Donna