Monday, May 30, 2011


Peonies are a very long lived and hardy perennial and always bloom in time for Memorial Day, thus they are often referred to as the Memorial Day Flower. The white peony and the deep double red peony with perhaps some red poppies and a perky blue bow would make a terrific red, white and blue bouquet that would definitely say 'Happy Memorial Day'!
Our peonies have been growing on the property since before we purchased it. They are very low maintenance. We like to tie a string around them before they begin blooming to make sure they don't flop onto the ground and very late in the fall, we will cut them back.Our peonies anchor the pathway through the edible flower garden. They are an edible flower themselves, however, it is a large mouthful of flower and host to many ants! Because it is such a large flower, we will toss them in with the salad greens. Be sure to remove the white part of the flower that is down at the bottom of the flower, as we find that part slightly bitter. A tossed salad with peony blossoms is sure to get the conversation going at the picnic!

Paeonia root was used years ago as a nerve tonic by our great grand-mommy Fister who had St Vitus' Dance, a brain disease which causes involuntary movement/palsy.


Steph said...

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers! There was a cemetary where I used to live in IN that had acres of peonies to mark the gravestones. In May, it was such a glorious place...a fitting way to remember loved ones.

Marilyn said...

I remember when we lived in Kansas peonies always bloomed for Memorial Day. Here in Oregon they haven't quite bloomed yet. They are one of my favorites though and I love seeing your blooms.

Lady Linda said...

Beautiful....mine never bloom this early in Oregon.

Angela McRae said...

I never knew you could eat peonies! Remarkable!