Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday, Wonders in Fairyland

Fairies flutter about around here and we never know where we might spot one... perhaps in the garden, or in the gift shop, even in the tea room. Since we've been sharing fairy things this week, our Tea Cup Thursday post will be in keeping with the theme.This little fairy tea cup is an original design by Helen Shook, dated "2001", noted to be #6, and labeled Butterfly Faerie, "A Special Cup of Tea". While this precious little fairy sits on the shelf, waiting to pour anyone that might desire a sweet sip of nectar. Perhaps she has an herbal tea in her little tea pot.

These petite teapots are a delight as they represent various flower fairies.
And this fairy tea pot was a fun find one day a few years ago.
Join Miss Spenser and others today to see what they might be sharing on Tea Cup Thursday.


Lady Linda said...

Oh the fairies are just charming. Everyone must love the little creatures! I absolutely adore your my dear friend says, I am coveting it!
Lady Linda

Marilyn said...

Love the fairy theme going on here.