Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tea cup Thursday

This little tea cup trio was a gift from a sister.There are no markings on the bottom of any of the three pieces, so its heritage is unknown.
The sweet pansies are beautiful both on the cup and fresh out of the garden. Pansies are edible, provided they are grown organically, and are pesticide free. They make a beautiful afternoon tea sandwich with minimal effort yet yields a stunning presentation. Using a round cookie cutter, cut a circle of bread and spread it with a herb flavored cream cheese or butter and then top it with the pansy. It's guaranteed to elicit sighs of joy from guests. According to Shakespeare, There's Rosemary that's for Remembrance. Pray, love, remember. and there is Pansies. That's for thoughts. So, for a special afternoon, invite some special guests to tea, present a plate of pansy sandwiches, and share your thoughts.

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Antiques And Teacups said...

Lovely pansies teacup. So pretty and full of spring!

Linda Jennings said...

Very pretty!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

What a pretty teacup and saucer! I love the recipe idea. I don't have any pansies growing here...will have to purchase some and give them a try. I found some yummy boursin cheese at Costco last time I was there, that would be perfect for these sandwiches!! You are so clever!


Anonymous said...

Love the teacup and saucer, and I appreciate the tea sandwich tips as well!

Marlena said...

So pretty! Lucky you. Pansies, along with violas make a nice ice ring for a spring punch or just to float in the punch. And they are very nice little sandwiches. Thanks for sharing!