Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ginseng at TenRen's Tea Shop

Ten Ren's Tea Shop is an Asian Company so it came as no surprise to me to see pounds of Ginseng roots available for purchase. Ginseng is a famous Chinese herb and they had several varieties (both Chinese and American) and grades of roots.   It is a very slow growing perennial.  In fact is is so slow growing United Plant Savers encourages planting and restoring the American Ginseng in our country.  Ginseng has many amazing uses.  It can decrease stress, increase performance, increase energy, enhance memory, and stimulate the immune system.  It has been studied for diabetes and heart disease.  It is credited with restoring youth.  Use it by slicing a piece of root and eating it raw.  Add a slice of root to soup and simmer for hours, or add it to stir fry.  As a tea, the root is reused for 2 to 3 Cups. 

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Angela McRae said...

I did not know that about how we should be planting and restoring American Ginseng. (Yet another reason I can't miss a post on this blog!)