Friday, January 27, 2012

Souvenir Shopping

Somewhere in the planning stages for our New York weekend excursion, we apparently forgot to mention that we might enjoy some shopping. So, alas, souvenirs were limited to what we might discover during any stop before we headed out on our trek through the city.  Thankful to have discovered a tea shop, I knew there was something I might purchase quickly without holding up the group!
This little collection of bookmarks was spotted in the Ten Ren Tea shop we visited. Probably one of the best bargains in NYC at only 3 for $1.00, I now wish I had purchased more to share with friends! The front of each bookmark depicts a different  tea type, Long gin, tung ting oolong, pouchong, white, and Pu-Erh along with a relevant photo. The reverse side of the bookmark features some information pertaining to the tea type, and brewing instructions or additional little hints and tips.
These are simply fun!  Perfect to tuck into a book to discover and enjoy over and over again!


Storybook Woods said...

I agree, great find!! Clarice

Steph said...


Marilyn Miller said...

Love picking up bookmarks and these sound special. They are fun to tuck in a book and re-discover from time to time. What a fun treasure from your trip.

Angela McRae said...

Perfect souvenirs, and the price was certainly right!