Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Children's Tea Party Books!

 This collection of children's books include Ellie's Tea Party, a board book where all the characters in Little Suzy's Zoo (Witzy, Boof, Patches, Lulla) decide to have a tea party that ends up being a tea picnic.   Colorful and fun, it features flowers and fruits, friends and a soft, blue blanket, hence the tea picnic.  Tutter's Tea Party is based on the TV Series Bear in the Big Blue House.  Tutter makes all the preparations for a tea party from making pastries, decorating the house, and serving refreshments.  They all decide, this is the best tea party ever!  And Bunnykins is a delightful and colourful storybook from England featuring two different stories.  Bunnykins makes a carrot cake, except there are no carrots.  They eventually make the cake and serve it with tansy tea.

If you look carefully, the little white bear is sitting on a small stuffed chair that is decorated in tea party designs.  You can find tea themed treasures and children's books just about any where!


Marilyn said...

More books to tempt me to go shopping at the bookstore. That little chair for the bear is so cute. I want one.

GardenofDaisies said...

Your bear looks very comfy there in the big chair. I love all these tea party books you are sharing with us. I have another (second one in two weeks!) new great niece, and something like this would be cute to send.

Angela McRae said...

You have inspired me to keep a running list of tea-themed children's books to give as baby shower gifts!