Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pre-Teen Readers

My collection for the pre-teen reader is not quite as extensive as the younger reader.  The Baby-Sitters series includes Little Sister #28, Karen's Tea Party, published in 1992.  This is an etiquette lesson in disguise as when the father realizes his kids have poor manners, he sends them to charm school where the girls love to dress up and learn to dance and the boys remain, well, boys.  Eventually the boys learn a few basic manners, there's dancing lessons, tea party wars, and blushing girls dancing with bashful boys.
The Teashop Girls, written by Laura Schaefer and published in 2008 is a debut novel about first jobs, first crushes, and growing up a little along the way.  For the tween reader, it includes recipes for tea and tea time treats.  Tea themed quotes and lovely graphics are sprinkled throughout the book. 
The little book, You're My Cup of Tea has a variety of tea quotes and clever frog designs all centered around tea, special moments and special friends.  For example, We cherish each other despite our little imperfections, the way we would cherish an antique tea service with a few tiny cracks. And, Choose your friends as carefully as you would the finest tea leaves.


Marilyn said...

I haven't heard of any of these. Like that last quote.

Angela McRae said...

More books I don't have. *sigh* (But I'm actually glad to have recommendatons for my never-ending Wish List!)