Monday, April 15, 2013

Silver Polished

In preparation for the Tea With the Parlor Maid event, the silver platters, serving utensils, footed compotes, and tea strainers were all polished and placed on display. 

This three sectioned tussie mussie arrangement holder is not an antique, but is certainly fun to put into use!  It holds a minuscule amount of water, so it's a last minute thing to tuck the flowers in there so they will remain fresh through the party.  All the silver pieces displayed on the oak side by side in the tea room foyer are from my mother's collection.

My personal collection of silver tea strainers was polished to a sparkle for this event.  These were collected over the years, and have been enjoyed for their simple beauty.

The staff, holding the newly polished silver teapots, and dressed for the event.  Our first Parlor Maid tea was Sunday April 14th, the second is scheduled for the 28th.  Hopefully we will be able to snap some photos of the food presentation at the next tea.


La Tea Dah said...

Just charming! I love this tea party concept --- and you all look so prim and proper.

I enjoy polishing silver. It's quite soothing --- much like stringing beads is. It gives much time for contemplation.

I love your collection of strainers. Each is unique and beautiful.

Looking forward to your future post showing the food from this tea event. Thanks for sharing!

Bernideen said...

They look darling and a job WELL DONE! To bad Carson couldn't have helped from Downtown Abbey!!!

Marilyn said...

How wonderful to be able to display your mother's silver collection and your tea strainer collection. All of it is just beautiful. Then seeing the parlor maids in the last photo, I wish I could have seen you all in action. I just know this was a tea worth repeating.

Ruthie Miller said...

What a fabulous collection of tea strainers. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

What a wonderful event. Everyone looks perfect. And, silver polishing! Oh my, you are really authentic in your presentation. I think I would have been tempted to hide the silver and not polish it. :-)

relevanttealeaf said...

I loved reading this post and seeing the pictures, Nancy! You and the parlor maids look so authentic - right from the cast of Downton Abbey!
Your silver collection is stunning. I only wish I lived close enough so I could attend!

Karen's Place said...

How fun to be inside to see all the preparations for special event. Love, love, love the tea strainers!

Angela McRae said...

What a fun event--and I dearly love to polish silver!