Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Charlotte Russe

The culinary sources for several of the recipes served at the Tea With the Parlor Maid include the Last Dinner on the Titanic and Mrs. Beeton's Victorian Cookbook.  Inspiration for the Charlotte Russe recipe came from the Victorian cookbook.

Charlotte Russe is a chilled French dessert made with ladyfingers and is filled with a fruit-flavored cream filling set with gelatin, a favorite ingredient in Edwardian cookery. 

Shown below, the photo in the cookbook, and the individual portion served at our special event.


Bernideen said...

When I posted Charlotte Russe I got the recipe from the Downton Abbey Blog - it was really good.

La Tea Dah said...

I like the comparison of the cookbook photo and yours. It looks like a beautiful (and somewhat complicated) dessert. I love how much attention to detail and finesse was given to preparing fine foods. Some still do, but it seems to be a dying art in comparison.

Gracious Hospitality

Angela McRae said...

I had not really even heard of Charlotte Russe until I researched department store tea rooms (I believe it was John Wanamaker who favored the dessert, though I never found his recipe). Thanks so much for showing the photos. I don't like cooking with gelatin but I do like anything with ladyfingers, so perhaps this is worth a shot after all!

Marilyn said...

I have heard of this and seen pictures, but have never enjoyed. You little sweetness looks just wonderful. Oh how I would have loved partaking.