Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tea Decor

These two distinct, yet similar, tea themed wreaths were spotted in two different tea rooms.  The one on the left has tea cups nestled about the wreath with a gold ribbon and berries running around the faux pine wreath.  The wreath shown below is made with a grapevine base and features a delicate ribbon woven around the wreath with tea related trinkets tucked at the base of the wreath along with a pretty teacup and white gloves. 

Fun little discoveries during our tea room travels.  Both of these wreaths would be fairly easy to replicate.


La Tea Dah said...

Very sweet and very tea-ish. I like tea wreaths, but have a hard time deciding which teacup I'd give up for a wreath. Thus --- no tea wreaths at my house! Silly, eh?

Gracious Hospitality

Marilyn said...

I love seeing the creative way people decorate their tearooms. When I went to Magnolia and Ivy many years ago they had a fake swag around a fireplace and had tied broken teacups here and there. It made such a pretty touch to their tearoom.

relevanttealeaf said...

Very pretty tea-themed wreaths. They're lovely indoors as well as outdoors.

Angela McRae said...

Now here's an idea I was meant to see! I recently received a batch of vintage gloves, and I wouldn't have thought of combining them with teacups in a wreath. Great idea!