Sunday, May 5, 2013

Featured Menu - Tea With the Parlor Maid

Our afternoon tea started with an Asparagus Salad with Saffron Champagne Vinaigrette.  This recipe was found in the cookbook Last Dinner on the Titanic.   In the first episode of the Downton Abbey series, it is learned that Lord Grantham's heir, James Crawley, and his son Patrick have perished with the sinking of the Titanic.

"Shall we have some tea?", Lord Grantham. The afternoon tea sandwiches included a Spring Salad Aspic, Chicken Bombay Sandwich on Raisin Bread, Rolled Asparagus Sandwich, Watercress Tea Sandwich, and a Tomato Aspic Cucumber Sandwich.

Olde English Seed Cake and Traditional English Scones were accompanied with Sweet Cream, Cinnamon Honey Butter, Raspberry Preserves and Fresh Fruit.

Dessert included individual servings of Charlotte Russe. "Is that Charlotte Russe?  How lovely!", Lady Grantham.

We also served petite Vanilla Rosemary Madelaines served in my favorite silver basket!  Do you remember the scene where Matthew selected a madelaine from the three tiered server?

An excellent resource for Downton Abbey recipes and ideas can be found at this website, Downton Abbey Cooks"I sometimes wonder if I should learn to cook.  You never know when it might come in handy.", Lady Edith.


La Tea Dah said...

Everything looks delicious and I love the very creative names you chose. I appreciate the attention to detail that you put into every one of your tea events. It is always fun "digesting" them from afar!

Gracious Hospitality

Karen's Place said...

Fantastic menu! Really wish I was closer as it all looks so inviting.

Steph said...

So clever!

Angela McRae said...

Yum! Maybe it's good I do *not* live near your tea room -- I would go broke attending teas all the time! This spread sounds wonderful, and the tea sandwiches look particularly elegant!

Marilyn said...

Your menu was so well thought out and just looked perfectly delicious!