Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We love Pinterest!  From the clever ideas, to the gorgeous photography, to inspiration and creativity... we appreciate what is shared between friends. 
These edible acorns have been featured on Pinterest, and we have been having fun sharing them with during a family dinner and including them as part of our fall centerpiece for the Halloween tea held this past Sunday.  Very easy to make, directions and additional photographs can be found here.
Simply remove the outer wrap from Hershey kisses, spread a little chocolate icing on the flat bottom of the kiss and attach a miniature 'nilla wafer to the kiss.  With a small bit of icing, attach a butterscotch chip to the top of the 'nilla wafer.  Let them dry before wrapping to store until use.  For variation, substitute miniature nutter butter in place of the 'nilla wafer and use a chocolate chip for the top instead of the butterscotch chip  Either way, they're yummy!


Marilyn said...

I would love these with the Nutter Butter, yummm!

Angela McRae said...

"Yummy" and "easy" seem to be Pinterest's specialty!

Julie said...

Love these - thanks for sharing!