Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rosemary, 'Dew of the Sea"

In addition to tea rooms and museums and herb shops and markets, when we travel we like to include a trail ride.  It makes Angelica, our horse girl, happy and we all enjoy the experience as well.

This summer time ride in Spain was down the side of the mountain, with the destination being that church and Medieval Watch Tower seen in the distance.  I found myself surprised when I looked down to see that we were riding down a hill side with an abundance of Rosemary and Thyme. To the left and right we were surrounded by Rosemary.

Rosemary or Rosmarinus translates to "Dew of the Sea".  It is native to the warm Mediterranean region and will flourish in a sunny garden in the summer.  While I have always started mine by cuttings, as evident by the mountain side it will start very easily by seed as well.   Rosemary requires good drainage (which a mountain side would provide).  It can be taken inside in the winter but would prefer to have a cool sunny area.  It can take temperatures down into the 20's  so protected porch or garage can often be the best spot for Rosemary inside.  It has a long history of use in many cultures, we use it liberally in our cooking biscuits, salads, dumplings, vegetables, soups, poultry and of course in all Mediterranean cooking were Rosemary is invaluable.   Cosmetically, it is used as a hair rinse and as a relaxing bath for sore muscles.  Rosemary is the symbol of Remembrance and can be used symbolically at important occasions weddings, births, funerals.  It is also used as a study aid to help you remember your facts.


La Tea Dah said...

I would enjoy that ride --- and the fragrance of the rosemary on the hillside. Just lovely!

Right now the sage is in full, yellow bloom in the open areas near my home. It is an amazing and beautiful site. And has a unique fragrance all its own.

Nature provides so many treasures.

Marilyn Miller said...

How special to be surrounded by Rosemary on the trail. You will always remember this trip for sure.