Friday, October 18, 2013


 This common weed, Plantago major, sometimes called Pig's Ears around here, is an absolute favorite herb to know for bug bites and bee stings.  If you are afflicted with a bug bite, simply grab a plantain leaf and crush it a bit and heat it if you can too.  You can heat it by using a lighter, or chewing it or warming it in the palm of your hand.  Apply it as fast as you can to the bug bite.  It has a drawing action and will pull the venom out of the bite.  I have seen it work and have experienced it working over and over again.  It is amazing how a bees sting will just be a small little bite if you get the plantain on it quickly.   Also called 'white mans footprint' because this little plant's seeds traveled here from Europe in the hooves of the animal.  It continued to travel across our country as we made pathways and clearings.  It often grows along the edge of the path were the sun will reach.
This is the cousin lanceleaf Plantain of Plantago minor.  It is also effective on the bug bites.  Psyllium Seed (like in Metamucil) is from another variety of this plant, Plantago ovate.


Marilyn said...

And here I try to get rid of this plant, pulling it out wherever I see it. Thanks for the tip.

Angela McRae said...

Hey, I think we have that here! Nice to know there's a good use for this weed!