Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, Frederick, MD

The second stop on our Traveling Herb Seminar was at The Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, which is quite unique.  It was built in 1758 and is a terrific example of early Colonial German Architecture. 

The museum is not "gussy upped" to be a beautiful display, and that is intentional as it is meant to display how well built this home is.  The walls and beams are quite thick and solid.   This museum provides a glimpse into how folks live but also into how it was built.  So we traipsed through the basement and up to upper floors.   The docents here were passionate about their subject and made the tour quite interesting.

The herb garden featured a traditional four square German garden design.  Plants were well labeled with their uses for a family.  This is quite a large patch of Garlic Chives in full bloom.

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How very interesting !