Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fairy Cakes

At the Spoutwood Farm Fairy Festival, we moved into "Rainbow Court"  a new booth location for us and our fellow vendors welcomed us to the neighborhood with these fairy cakes!  
Six cupcakes each a different flavor,  all labeled with the cute little flags, and each decorated so uniquely.
True fairy cakes with mushrooms, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and little touches of glitter.
While it was difficult to eat them  -- we did and they tasted as yummy as they looked.


Marilyn Miller said...

What an absolute treat. Such very pretty fairy cakes that would indeed be difficult to bite into, but yes I would.

Angela McRae said...

If they tasted as good as they looked, they must have been just delicious!

Steph said...

So pretty and I imagine delicious!