Friday, May 22, 2015

Grounds for Scupture, NJ

Part of the fun at the Grounds for Sculpture Museum was the interactive displays. 
Sculptor Seward Johnson does a lot of "celebrating the everyday" in his sculptures. 

This table scape is a sculpture that we enjoyed.  We let our imagination run on what we were going to dine on that evening,  how good the wine tasted, what lake we were sitting by and our plans for tomorrow as we pretend to be "ladies of leisure".

Real?  or Sculpture?  Enjoying the sun while we discussed the medicinal herbs class we are taking.  There were so many everyday sculptures, like children eating ice cream or a police officer writing a parking ticket, two women on a park bench or a lady arm raised for the bus that you began to think  everything was a sculpture like the painter or gardener  -- but then they would move!   


Marilyn Miller said...

Love sculptures. The one with Susanna reminds me of one on the campus of Nike's headquarters. I always wanted to get down on the grass with her.

Angela McRae said...

Now this looks like an amazing place! Never heard of this … and it sounds absolutely charming!