Sunday, May 24, 2015

Inn at Fernbrook Farms, NJ

On our recent Rosemary House bus trip we visited the Inn at Fernbrook Farms,  for our evening meal. When we first arrived we loaded up on the farm wagon for a tour of this amazing enterprise. It is an Inn, a full scale garden nursery, a tree farm, a CSA, the gardens are a wedding venue, a farm stand shop, an environmental camp for inner city kids and much more.

A little sampling from the farm shop which also featured Jersey products.

Our evening meal was served buffet style and then we could eat anywhere in the Inn. Dinner featured an abundance of well seasoned home cooked options. You could select chicken with roasted potatoes.
Or perhaps the Vegetarian quiche with farm fresh eggs, lavishly sprinkled with parsley.
Local, organic and Jersey fresh produce for our salad complete with colorful edible flowers.

And a beautiful tray full of steamed asparagus, onions and sun dried tomatoes.
All topped off with a Lemon Chiffon Cake that was too delicious to take time to snap a photo!


Marilyn Miller said...

What a delicious treat!

Angela McRae said...

My word, that ALL looks (and sounds) amazing! I could just about reach through my computer screen for some of that asparagus. Loved your comment about not taking time for the picture of the lemon chiffon cake. I'd say you had your priorities in the right order! ;)