Monday, August 31, 2015

Coffee, Tea, and Thee, York, PA

August always offers us a little bit of a break before the Fairy Festival and subsequent busy fall season. Since August is Nancy's "Birthday Month" we always try to search out some new tea rooms to visit.
That's what brought us to Coffee, Tea and Thee located at 15 S. Pershing Avenue in downtown York, PA. The owner wanted to make tea parties affordable for all, so you can order each course separately or you can purchase the Royal Tea, which includes all of the courses. We like to go for the gusto and experience all that the tea room has to offer, so we selected the Royal Tea.
The tea service began with a fresh fruit cup of seasonal cantaloupe. There were several hot tea choices to select, some regular and others decaffeinated. We were offered two different flavors of tea.
The next course featured the heart shaped scone and moist banana walnut tea bread with cream and orange marmalade.

The salad course was a choice of Cream Slaw or  Vinegar Coleslaw (pictured) and the soup options were Tomato Pasta or Cream of Potato Leek garnished with fresh chives and oyster crackers.
A variety of tea decor ornamented the room where we were seated. Tables were set and at the ready for walk in traffic, although the owner requests reservations for groups of 3 or more. Inspirational materials were available if you desired.

The variety of sandwiches were served on very fresh bread. This was the vegetarian selection which included a delicious and unique combination of carrot, raisin and peanut butter sandwich. There was also pimento cream cheese, tomato and lettuce on whole wheat and a cucumber sandwich with cream cheese.
Even Cedar was happy at this tea room as they were able to accommodate his request for a simple ham sandwich.

The choice of desserts included ice cream and a cookie or peaches and confetti cake.

Ice cream, not your typical tea party dessert, was a popular choice at our table.
Mary, on the left, is the owner.  She and her husband were missionaries in Zaire for decades. She sees this tea room as a continuation of her mission work and took prayer request after we finished our desserts.

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Marilyn Miller said...

What a unique tea room, sort of down home food. The sandwiches looked particular delicious.