Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Herbal Springs Farmstead, Ephrata, PA

Lancaster County, PA provides fertile farm land and space for small nurseries and businesses to grow.  Recently we visited Herbal Spring Farmstead, 447 Brossman Road in Ephrata, run by Rhoda Martin.  Rhoda grows herbs, perennials, hostas and other native plants. 
She graciously welcomed our Traveling Herb Seminar bus group to her home and her farm.
An avid baker Rhoda brewed her famous herb tea where she gathers a few leaves of this and that, whatever is available and adds a couple of leaves of stevia and steeps it all together.  Always a light and delicious beverage. Very refreshing on this beautiful day!
She also made Rosemary Scones and Cranberry Lavender Scones for our group to enjoy under the pavilion.

With a spring season that has seen one day after another of rain, we were so fortunate with this trip, as we enjoyed a beautiful day blessed with sunshine.
We loved the quiet serenity of this farm garden.
And we loved all the little touches she has tucked about in the garden beds.

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Marilyn Miller said...

This tour reminds me alot of the adventure I took with you some years ago. I know I would have loved it immensely.