Friday, June 24, 2016

National Cream Tea Day

Cream Tea in England
In England, the celebration for National Cream Tea Day is set for Friday June 24, 2016! A Cream Tea differs from Afternoon Tea in that it simply features scones, a luxurious amount of clotted cream, preserves, and of course tea. The scone acts merely as the carrier for the fresh decadent clotted cream and preserves.

Established last year, in coordination with Cream Tea partners Rodda's cream and Tiptree fruit growers and preserves, and promoted as a charity event across the country, their catch phrase is sharing the love of cream teas together. So let's jump in there and share the love! Who doesn't love a good Cream Tea!

Visit the Facebook page of the Cream Tea Society today!


Marilyn Miller said...

I love cream tea!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I recognize that photo! Lots of great memories!