Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dolly and Me

In the dell of our garden, 
my dolls and I take tea, 
and days when I have raisins, 
the catbirds dine with me. 

We are having a Doll's Tea on Thursday evening, the 25th of August. In addition to a complete evening tea, for this special event, you are encouraged to bring your favorite childhood doll for show-and-tell after the tea. Treva Smith, president of Penn-Ferry Doll Club will feature some of her private doll collection and share their stories. This promises to be a delightful and entertaining evening, a time for reminiscing and sharing. By advance reservation, please. Contact Susanna at Rosemary House.
The dolly featured in the photo above is Nancy's Ginny doll. Our parents bought us each one of these 1950's era dolls. At one point in her childhood, much to the dismay of dear old mom, artist sister Marj, with nail polish in hand, painted chicken pox all over her dolly. All of the Ginny Dolls have since gone to the dolly hospital to have the chicken pox removed, hairdos redone, and fitted for new outfits as the original clothing is long gone. She holds a place of honor in the oak side-by-side cabinet in the tea room entryway.

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Marilyn Miller said...

Oh the chicken pox is funny! This sounds like it will be a fun event.