Thursday, June 23, 2016

Patio Planters

If you have a sunny section of your patio consider planting a mixed pot of herbs. They require sun, nice soil and good drainage. We purchase pots with lots of drainage holes and then place coffee filters over the holes so the soil doesn't wash out and make a mess on the patio.
When choosing your plants select a variety of leaf sizes and shapes to add interest. A creeping plant like golden marjoram or creeping thyme or prostrate rosemary which will grow and hang off the side of the planter is always fun.
You can plant four or five herbs in the planter and they will all do well together. They will need watered daily when it is hot out and the other important tip is to remember to clip and use your herbs. They loved to be pinched back. It makes them bushier and healthier.
These photos are from our recent planter class where attendees were able to select the style planter they preferred and the variety of herb plants they thought would be useful. Everyone left the class with a planter that was ready to be tucked into a sunny spot on their patio, and enjoyed and harvested throughout the summer season.

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Marilyn Miller said...

Very nice planter idea. We did plant one for our kitchen window this year and enjoy it. Oh the cat sneaks up there too and likes the chives. Naughty kitty.