Friday, August 12, 2016

Evening Drinks

A "Caesar" is a favorite Canadian Cocktail. Many refer to it as the unofficial official drink of Canada and certainly most everywhere we went offered a version of a Caesar. This drink is savory, spicy and very sip-able. Often served with some sort of meat like pepperoni or bacon, plus olives and celery it made it both a cocktail and an appetizer.  Prepared with Clamato Juice (tomato and clam juice), vodka, a dash of Worcester sauce, plus a splash of hot sauce and rimmed with kosher salt and chili pepper this beverage is on the zippy side. Some recipes include more hot sauce and others add horseradish as well. 
The younger set in our group enjoyed their favorite bar drink, a "Shirley Temple". We are used to the Shirley Temple recipe of lemon-lime soda and grenadine. In Western Canada, the typical Shirley Temple recipe featured lemon-lime soda, a light splash of grenadine and orange juice. 


Marilyn Miller said...

I have never had orange juice in my Shirley Temple. Both drinks looks yummy.

Linda Jennings said...

It's so much fun to learn about local customs while enjoying travels!