Sunday, August 28, 2016

Murchie's Tea & Coffee, Since 1894

Murchie's, a tea purveyor for over 120 years touts their expertise in the area of importing and blending tea which they have passed down for generations. Billed as 'a tradition of excellence since 1894' we definitely made this a 'must visit' destination! Conveniently, there was a great bookstore right next door, so everyone was happy!

With such a variety of tea, both loose leaf and teabags, packaged in gift assortments, in boxes or tins, white, green, black, or specialty blends, it was impossible to select just one!
And if that decision seemed impossible, the variety of china and various tea accoutrements were all silently beckoning 'take me home'.
A simple purchase of Canadian Breakfast black tea was made. It seemed the perfect Canadian remembrance. It is a brisk full bodied blend of black teas that consists of a base of Ceylon and Keemun with a touch of maple flavoring that enhances the natural caramel and malty notes of the black teas. As flavored teas go, it is rather nice as the flavor is not predominant. Looking forward to enjoying this one on a crisp fall morning.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I'm glad you had time to visit. I've heard about this shop for years.

Marilyn Miller said...

How nice to make it to Murchie's too. Your tea will be a special remembrance each time you sip for sure.