Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Horticulture Classes

Another critically important part of a Federated Flower Show is the horticulture division where folks can show off beautiful specimens from their herb garden. The winners at the Penn-Cumberland Garden Club show in the herb division were eligible for an Award of Merit and also for The Rosemary House Award as we like to encourage herb gardening!!  Horticulture always allows the show visitors to learn new things. For example, in the class of basil plants to the right, I spotted this basil variety that I wasn't familiar with called Basil-Cardinal.  Look at that deep color and unusual shape.  This will go in our garden next year.
This class included a fun display of sedums in a variety of containers. There were lots of hosta's, Delphiniums, Lilies, Echinaceas and many many more. They had 50 classes of horticulture including Air plants. It was an excellent mid-summer flower show.

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Marilyn Miller said...

Sounds like an excellent show.