Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Chocolate Teapot!

Special thanks to Janet Y. for this fun Christmas surprise, the really useful Chocolate Teapot.

 The teapot, handmade in Britain, by a company named Schokolate with the tag line 'chocolate with a twist' comes complete with a little instruction booklet and a list of do's and don'ts. This 3-step adventure first includes making some hot cocoa in the little pot. We followed the directions to make several smalls cups of hot cocoa by placing instant cocoa in the pot along with a small portion of water. We enjoyed the cocoa, and using the really useful chocolate pot for this purpose. But our family, gathered around the table, was eager to move onto step 2.

Step 2 involves turning the chocolate pot into a fondue setup by adding a few tablespoons of hot water to the pot, you are instructed to stir until it develops into a smooth creamy fondue. We sampled the fondue with marshmallows, angel food cake, strawberries, bananas, and kiwi fruit. Each tasty tidbit as good as the previous sampled piece.

Chocolate High!
As you can see, we worked our way through Step 2, the fondue. It was surprising how much chocolate melted to form the fondue. It seemed like a bottomless pot as we kept dipping our goodies in the pot. Nothing left but the empty little teapot, which leads you to Step 3 - simply eat the teapot, or store it in a cool, dry place to enjoy later. Yum!

Thank you, Janet. This was a fun treat the whole family enjoyed!


Marilyn Miller said...

That does sounds like lots of fun and delicious too. I would love that fondue for sure. Yummmmm!

Linda Jennings said...

Fun and Yum are the first words that popped in my head when reading this. I can see where this would be very popular with your family, or any family!

Steph said...

That is cool!!!!