Monday, January 16, 2017

Tea & Spice Merchant, John Wagner & Sons

The John Wagner & Sons business began in 1847 'since the days of the clipper ships'. This Pennsylvania company offered a wide variety of teas and spices, and was one of the first teas that we sold in The Rosemary House, right alongside Constant Comment. There was a wide variety of flavors, each distinguishable by the color of the tin. You could find Orange pekoe (orange tin), Keemun (black), Jasmine (yellow), English breakfast (red), Formosa Oolong (light green), Imperial gunpowder (medium green), Irish (kelly green), Earl Gray (purple) Rare Mandarin (lavender), Pan fired green (blue), Mint (white) and Ch’a Ching Chinese restaurant (white).

The tins featured a descriptive explanation of each of the teas and also included instructions on 'how to make a really fine cup of tea'. The Ch'a Ching Chinese Restaurant Tea states; many times, many customers have urged us to provide them a tea such as they have been served when dining in a fine Chinese restaurant. Here at last it is - rich, full-bodied to the taste, dark and clear in the cup with a fine pungent aroma that will bring back memories of the far fabled East from which it comes. The Rare Mandarin is a black tea of great distinction, originally from the gardens reserved for the exclusive patronage of the Russian aristocracy. Blended for the taste of the most discriminating gourmet. The Mint Tea is flavored and scented with the clear fresh taste of garden mint.
Don't they all sound delicious?

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Marilyn Miller said...

Interesting that someone would ask from tea like from the restaurant. There are so many better ones, that I would prefer something better than from a restaurant.