Sunday, January 15, 2017

John Wagner & Sons Tea

When The Rosemary House opened in 1968 (celebrating 49 years this year!), we carried tea and spices from a local Pennsylvania company, John Wagner & Sons. The Ivyland, PA company was founded in 1847, eventually sold to another company in 1996, but is no longer available. The teas were sold in gift sets, or they were sold loose in a large Treasure Chest. This is the lid from the chest.

The loose leaf tea was sold in specialty food stores and gift shops such as the Rosemary House. The assorted teas were packaged in tins, in several sizes. Shown here are the smaller tins that were tossed in the chest. Customers could pick out their favorite teas, and select a different flavor each time they came to the shop. Look at that price! 35 cents or 3 for a dollar! Now, you can find the empty little tins on eBay for $8.00 a piece! 

Susanna was just a young girl when the shop opened, and one of her favorite activities was to pretend these tins were building blocks. She would play for hours stacking the tins, lining them up, assorting them by color, knocking them down, and starting over again. She was easily entertained.

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Marilyn Miller said...

What sweet little tins! This is a very special memory, thanks!