Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fairy Cakes

Much to our delight, a fellow vendor in the 'Rainbow Court' area of the Spoutwood Faerie Festival makes and creates these fabulous Fairy Cakes that she graciously shares with neighboring vendors. What a true labor of love to make these tasty little gems, each more beautiful and more creative than the previous design. 
In addition to the intricate details of each cupcake from tiny mushrooms to even tinier lady bugs, although difficult to see in the photos, they are sprinkled with fairy glitter which causes them to sparkle and shine in the light.

Petite little flags silently announce the flavor of each homemade cupcake, making the decision of which one to eat first even more difficult! Which would you choose? And do you select your favorite Fairy Cake by flavor (as did Angelica) or by design?

Angelica's Favorite


Linda Jennings said...

Adorable! They also look delicious if you can bring yourself to take a bite.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Oh my goodness..those are so cute!

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh my! They are beautiful. I think I would choose the one with the ladybug. I just couldn't resist.