Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gnome Home

Also tucked in the gardens of The Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances is this adorable Gnome Home. Another creation of Steve Hoke, we are so pleased to be able to provide a location for the gnomes to shelter. Steve's original career was as a prison counselor, but once he retired, he discovered enjoyment in building a variety of gnome homes. Eventually, he received permission to place them throughout Little Buffalo State Park in Perry County, PA for young and old to discover these hidden treasures while walking along the trails. 
Sadly, in early 2016, because of the increased attendance to the park to find the homes, and guests leaving trinkets for the gnomes, Steve and his gnome homes (just shy of 40 homes) received an eviction notice. Apparently it was stated that the homes were not the right for for a park focused on wildlife and conservation. This garnered world wide publicity and when we heard about the displaced gnome homes, we sent an email to Steve letting him know that our backyard was a welcoming habitat for gnomes and fairies alike. 
Much to our surprise and delight, just about a year after we had sent our email, Steve contacted us and asked if we were still interested in some gnome homes. Of course we were! He put the Gnome Home and the Gnome Condo in his truck and came down out of the mountains to hand deliver his creations. We are so pleased to have these little treasure tucked in the garden! A special thank you to Steve Hoke for entrusting us with the care of these adorable little homes. 

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Marilyn Miller said...

Oh how lucky you are!!!! I love it. Sad that he can't put them out there in other places.