Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nepal Tea Golden Needles

At a recent meeting for the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association, we received Swag Bags that contained an amazing variety of tea samples. One of the samples was this Golden Needles, a limited edition from MATBA member Nishchal Banskota of Nepal Tea. With the brewing instructions conveniently placed on the package, and a lazy rainy morning, I proceeded to brew these beautiful long thin tea leaves at a temperature of 195 degrees for 5 minutes.

Upon opening the sample pack, there was a hint of chocolate fragrance with the leaves. After brewing and tasting the tea, I was immediately drawn to the complex layer of flavors. Even though originally smelling chocolate tones, there seemed to be delicate floral undertones to this full bodied tea. As the tea cooled, the floral undertones became faint, and the chocolate flavor surfaced. Overall, the tea was quite smooth with no astringency. It yielded a perfect cup of tea that ended much too quickly!
Nischal will be offering a variety of his teas from Nepal to purchase when he joins us for the Pennsylvania Tea Festival in late September. Nepal Tea is a proud sponsor of the Tea Festival. We look forward to his contributions to the festival as a vendor and a speaker. 

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Marilyn Miller said...

This tea sounds delicious, the kind I particularly love. How nice to have Nischal involved in your tea festival. Your little teapot looks like the perfect pot to use too.