Thursday, June 12, 2008

British Ambassador's Residence

We recently coordinated a Traveling Herb Seminar to Washington, DC to view the British Ambassador's Residence, the grounds and gardens. In our 40 years of business, this was our 68th excursion (the 69th is scheduled in September). It was a beautiful day, and a delight to be escorted around the grounds by herbal enthusiast and head gardener Jim Adams. He proudly presented the gardens with explanations of what they have already done and what they anticipate for the future. He shared a memorable moment when he explained the tree that was planted last year when the Queen of England was in Washington. He told the story well, and you could just feel his emotion when he said 'I'm going to meet the Queen of England'. He told us that she graciously accepted flowers from all the children, and that when she spoke to him, it was as if he was the only one in attendance, her attention totally focused on him. He was honored.
The residence, located on Massachusetts Avenue, commonly referred to as Embassy Row, was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869 - 1944) and built in 1928. It is a red brick building with stone dressings, suggestive of an English country house of the Queen Anne period.
The roses were in full bloom, and quite a delight to see. While we were there, the gardeners, some volunteers, were planting annuals in abundance.
The residence has been described as functional and comfortable, as well as impressive. Indeed.
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Anonymous said...

Such an extraordinary experience! I wish I lived closer ... I would go with you on every one of your trips!

Linda Jennings said...

Your trips always sound fabulous! What a nice opportunity for your customers and friends!